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WOF 117: Who Is Jordan Peterson?

Dr. Jordan Peterson, a clinical psychologist and mythology enthusiast, has exploded onto the scene, becoming the world’s most popular intellectual figure in just a few short months. Who is he and what should you know about him? And why have his ideas gained so much traction, especially young men? Over the next couple episodes, Bishop Barron and Brandon Vogt discuss the Jordan Peterson phenomenon and reflect on his work from a Catholic perspective. A listener asks whether it’s fine to use secular mindfulness meditation to relieve anxiety.

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Topics Discussed

  • 0:04 – Introduction, Bishop spends time with Jim Caviezel
  • 4:45 – How did Bishop Barron first come to know Jordan Peterson?
  • 7:20 – Who are some of the philosophical influences of Jordan Peterson?
  • 10:40 – Why does Jordan Peterson place such an emphasis on the Bible?
  • 14:10 – How does Peterson view Nietzsche and our reaction to life’s suffering?
  • 24:05 – What is Jordan Peterson’s reading of the Garden of Eden in Genesis?
  • 28:15 – What is Jordan Peterson’s take on Buddhism and Christian redemptive suffering?
  • 30:00 – Why does Jordan Peterson believe you should absolutely never tell a lie?
  • 33:00 – Why has Jordan Peterson become so popular especially amongst young men?
  • 37:30 – Listener question: Is it okay for a Catholic to engage in secular mindfulness meditation in order to relieve anxiety?

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