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What’s in a Name? Tolkien and St. Philip Neri

Dr. Holly Ordway

May 26, 2023

What enabled Tolkien to integrate this joyfulness into his complex adult personality, despite the sorrows of his childhood and youth? A good case can be made that the spirituality of…

philip neri
Hamlet and Horatio in the Churchyard

Shakespeare’s Humbled Scholar

Dr. Tod Worner

May 25, 2023

Thou art a scholar; speak to it, Horatio. He would learn that wisdom is intelligence purified through humility and wonder before the unknowable, the unpredictable, and the ineffable.

St. Michael fighting Satan

Know Thine Enemy: Demonic Interest on the Rise

Kody W. Cooper

May 24, 2023

In a culture increasingly fascinated with the demonic, Catholics should boldly proclaim Christ’s victory over Satan as it continues to play out today.

Mrs. Davis season 1 scene

“Mrs. Davis” and Getting Off the Grid

Bishop Robert Barron

May 23, 2023

"Mrs. Davis" is a prophetic warning about artificial intelligence and the pervasiveness of the internet. Idols we construct inevitably turn on us.

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