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Creatively engaging the modern world through beauty, goodness, and truth.

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Our Imprints

Word on Fire Publishing includes the following four imprints:

Word on Fire
Our flagship imprint features accessible and engaging works for popular audiences, including books by Bishop Robert Barron and The Word on Fire Bible series.
Word on Fire Classics
Our Classics imprint features elegantly bound cloth-cover books that invite readers to dig into the rich tradition of Catholic literature that has shaped the Church and changed the world.
Word on Fire Academic
Our Academic imprint features ground­breaking, peer-reviewed works of theology, philosophy, literary criticism, and other fields of study, carrying the mission of evangelization into the scholarly domain.
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Word on Fire Votive
Our Votive imprint features beau­tiful books for young readers that teach the faith and form the imagination.

The Word on Fire Bible

The Liturgy of the Hours

Our Team

Brandon Vogt
Senior Publishing Director
Matthew Becklo
Publishing Director
Haley Stewart
Managing Editor of Word on Fire Votive
Jason Paone
Editor of Word on Fire Academic
David Augustine
Associate Editor of Word on Fire Academic
Daniel Seseske
Editing Manager
Edyta McNichol
Editing Coordinator
James O’Neil
Book Coordinator
Andrew Tolkmith
Editing Coordinator

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We are always open to new book ideas.

Send Word on Fire Votive submissions (books for young readers) to Haley Stewart at [email protected]

Send Word on Fire Academic submissions to Jason Paone at [email protected]

Send all other book submissions to Matt Becklo at [email protected]

For review copies, please send your request to [email protected]. Include your name, mailing address, and the media outlet through which you plan to review the book.

For desk copies, please send your request to [email protected]. Teachers and professors may receive one desk copy of a book that they have assigned for a course if at least ten copies of the book have been ordered by the university bookstore. Please send your request at least one month before you need the book, and include your name, address, school affiliation, and the name of the course for which the book has been assigned.

Please send any rights or permissions requests to [email protected].