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A recent article in The Atlantic magazine highlights the crisis of isolation befalling the United States. Americans have never been—or felt—more solitary, especially the younger generations. And the consequences are often fatal: loneliness is a major cause of the recent spikes in depression, anxiety, and suicide, which are at unprecedented levels. Today, we discuss the loss of our social bonds and how Catholic thought can help heal and re-unite us.

A listener asks, given free will, does God know what choices we will make?

00:00 | Intro
01:23 | Bishop Barron’s recent USCCB and diocesan work
02:22 | Why should a person’s chosen isolation matter to anyone else?
04:34 | Individuality vs. the Catholic conception of the individual
09:11 | Distinguishing between solitude and isolation
12:43 | Why in-person communities matter
14:00 | The role of unchosen communities in an individual’s development
16:09 | How to view the company of others
17:34 | Can one adequately substitute animal companionship for community?
22:06 | New media, smart devices, and screen time
26:45 | Advice to encourage more in-person gatherings
27:53 | Listener question
29:32 | Join the Word on Fire Institute

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