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At Word on Fire, we're committed to innovation and use contemporary forms of media and communication technologies to proclaim Christ to the culture.

Here are some quick links to the ways we use media to broadcast a faith that is ancient and forever new:


Daily Gospel Reflections

Word on Fire developed Advent and Lenten Gospel reflections and were so struck by their popularity that Gospel reflections have become an everyday resource.

They're delivered via email every morning and are accessible on-the-go. People are hungry to receive daily spiritual nourishment, so it's no surprise that Bishop Barron's Daily Gospel Reflections are one of Word on Fire's most popular resources.


Bishop Barron is an Amazon bestselling author and has published numerous books, essays, and articles on theology and the spiritual life.

In addition to titles by Bishop Barron, Word on Fire also has a spiritual classic series that includes some of the most significant and influential books from the great Christian tradition. These titles have transformed cultures and have proven indispensable to those seeking to encounter God, as revealed in Jesus Christ through his Church.


Bishop Barron regularly writes articles on anything from a movie he recently watched to his take on current events.

Additionally, over a dozen Word on Fire Institute Fellows and other Catholic contributors write articles for Word on Fire. The archives include over a thousand posts, and a new post is added every weekday.

Social Media

Bishop Barron is one of the most followed Catholics on social media and regularly posts on issues regarding evangelizing the culture.

His regular YouTube videos have been viewed over 50 million times, and he has over 1.7 million followers on Facebook, 135k on Twitter, and 108k on Instagram.


"Word on Fire Show" Podcast

The "Word on Fire Show", Bishop Barron's weekly podcast hosted by Brandon Vogt, explores faith and culture and is quickly becoming a fan favorite.

It's available 24/7 on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and on Wednesdays at 10:30am ET on EWTN Radio.

Bishop Barron's Homilies

Bishop Barron's weekly homilies continue to be a very popular and effective way of spreading the Gospel.

His weekly sermon podcast is released every Wednesday and focuses on the following Sunday's Gospel reading.


Word on Fire Institute

The Word on Fire Institute was founded as a response to what Bishop Barron thinks is the greatest spiritual challenge of our time: the rise of the unaffiliated or "nones."

The Word on Fire Institute forms evangelists by utilizing state-of-the-art online education and community-building technology. Word on Fire Institute members not only learn how to influence the culture in an informed way, but also how to embody the Word on Fire way of living.

Word on Fire ENGAGE

Word on Fire ENGAGE empowers parishes to evangelize their parishioners—even those who don't show up at Mass.

Word on Fire ENGAGE is built on the Flocknote platform, an email and text messaging tool built specifically so Catholic parishes can simply and effectively communicate with all of their parishioners. This revolutionary technology coupled with Bishop Barron's and Word on Fire's vast content is truly powerful.


Bishop Barron's CATHOLICISM, a groundbreaking, award-winning documentary about the Catholic Faith, which aired on PBS, is undoubtedly Word on Fire's most popular film series.

However, since its wild success, Word on Fire has gone on to create other film projects, including Pivotal Players, a series highlighting the lives of key figures in Catholic history. Other films explore the Mass, sins and virtues, the Eucharist, the Creed, and more.

Study Programs

Paired with their respective film presentations, Word on Fire's study program materials make facilitating in-person study programs easy.

The materials include a leader's guide, study guides for participants, prayer cards, and even free, pre-designed promotional materials.

Talks and Lectures

Bishop Barron's involvement as a religion correspondent for NBC and his appearances on FOX News and CNN have caught the attention of mainstream media organizations.

Bishop Barron has spoken about religion at the headquarters of Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Amazon. He has also keynoted many conferences and events all over the world, including the World Youth Day in Kraków and the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia, which marked Pope Francis' historic visit to the United States.

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