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Content Permission Form

Are you interested in airing Word on Fire content on your radio or television station? Would you like to reprint articles in your newspaper or periodical? Please use this form to secure permission.

Word on Fire often allows free distribution of its content, however in all cases, you still must acquire permission using the form below.

Disclaimers Before Submitting Your Request

Word on Fire has the right to revoke any permissions, at any time, for any reason.

When sharing Bishop Barron’s audio or video content, it must be free of charge to the consumer. We do not permit his content to be sold or placed behind a paywall or subscription service.

For audio and video, distributed content must be shared or broadcast to a “live” audience of listeners (e.g., via radio, television, or streaming) and cannot be catalogued online or anywhere else “on-demand.” If listeners desire an archived version of Bishop Barron’s audio/video content, they can access it free through

You may not use the image or name of Word on Fire and/or Bishop Robert Barron in any of your marketing or promotion, if such use suggests any form of endorsement of, or partnership with, any product, service, or organization distributing Word on Fire content. Also, marketing materials cannot suggest any exclusive contributions from Bishop Barron (i.e., implying that Bishop Barron produces content only for you or your organization.)

Permission must be renewed before the end of the given term if you’d like to continue distributing Bishop Barron’s content, either by email or the form below.


Word on Fire Content Permission