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WOF 435: The Enduring Relevance of St. Thomas Aquinas

Most in contemporary secular culture have probably never heard of the name “Thomas Aquinas.” However, his thought remains more pertinent than ever—not only to theology and philosophy but also to current conversations on how to build a more stable, just, and prosperous political order. Today, we discuss the evergreen genius of St. Thomas Aquinas and how his legacy continues in the life and work of the contemporary Dominican theologian, Fr. Paul Murray.   

A listener asks, does the devil know that his rebellion is ultimately futile?

00:00 | Intro
01:12 | Bishop Barron in Rome
02:01 | Aquinas’ impact on Bishop Barron’s formation
03:56 | Why medieval thinkers like Aquinas still matter
06:18 | The relationship between metaphysics and ethics
07:29 | God as Being itself rather than as the greatest of beings
12:43 | How God can be both transcendent and immanent
15:58 | God’s non-competitive relationship with Creation
21:29 | Defining true human and social goods
23:00 | Does metaphysical speculation have a role in politics?
25:45 | Fr. Paul Murray, St. Thomas Aquinas, and the Dominican charism
29:54 | Listener question
31:49 | Word on Fire Institute

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