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A&C Lecture 1: What is the Second Vatican Council?

Dr. Richard DeClue

September 13, 2022


Vatican II was the twenty-first ecumenical council and produced sixteen documents: four Constitutions, nine Decrees, and three Declarations.

In this lecture, you’ll receive background information on the Second Vatican Council and an overview of the ecumenical councils. Dr. Richard DeClue, the Cardinal Henri de Lubac Fellow of Theology at the Word on Fire Institute, guides you through the documents and puts to bed the common misconception regarding whether Catholics have a choice in assenting to Vatican II.

What constitutes an ecumenical council? An ecumenical council is an extremely rare occurrence, a “solemn” exercise of episcopal power (CCC 884). We hope you enjoy this series; you can learn more about the Catholic faith through courses, forums, and community at the Word on Fire Institute. Hope to see you inside!

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