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Incredulity of St. Thomas by Caravaggio

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AUGUST 2-4, 2024

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Bartolomé Esteban Murillo: The Doctrine of Trent on Canvas

Alejandro Terán Somohano

February 27, 2024

Murillo’s paintings express the vision of the Council of Trent, refuting the distorted view of human nature brought about by Luther and his heirs.

Immaculate Conception by Murillo
The New Ressourcement Journal

The New Ressourcement: An Interview with Jason Paone

Dr. Tod Worner

February 26, 2024

Tod Worner joined Dr. Jason Paone of Word on Fire Academic to discuss Word on Fire’s exciting new academic journal, “The New Ressourcement.”

WOF 426: Democracy and the Catholic Church

Brandon Vogt

February 26, 2024

Many people have felt that democracy and the Catholic Church are two systems that are incompatible. But why?

demolition scene

Lenten Demolition of Sin

Matt Paolelli

February 23, 2024

Let’s use this Lent to begin demolishing our own sins and imperfections in pursuit of holiness. The Master Builder has big plans for us.

BBP Ro Khanna

Bishop Barron Presents | Congressman Ro Khanna — Politics and Religion

Bishop Robert Barron

February 22, 2024

Bishop Barron sat down with Congressman Ro Khanna to discuss Catholic social teaching, policy matters, and finding common ground.

a man closely reading the Scriptures

Who Do You Think You Are?

Fr. Billy Swan

February 22, 2024

Let us not be strangers to ourselves but know ourselves in the mirror of Christ and his Word. “Lord, help me to know you and know myself.”

Pro-abortion sign in the street

Calling Evil Sacred

Dr. Richard Clements

February 21, 2024

Some today call evil good (or even sacred) and good evil. We must work to eradicate the evil, the darkness, the bitterness that is abortion.

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