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The Invitation and Obligation of the Lord’s Day

Kody W. Cooper

November 30, 2023

Christ indicates that invitation comes packaged with obligation. Let Catholics rejoice in and proclaim the wisdom of the Sunday obligation.

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bust of marcus aurelius

The Roman Empire, Marcus Aurelius, and Stoic Philosophy

Dr. Christopher Kaczor

November 29, 2023

I regularly think about Marcus Aurelius, not because of signal achievements as a leader, but rather his lasting relevance as a philosopher. 

israeli flags waved in a crowd

One Hate to Unite Them All: The Idolatry of Anti-Semitism

Dr. Matthew Petrusek

November 28, 2023

The idolatry of anti-Semitism on both the left and right does not seek freedom, liberation, or justice for themselves or anyone else.

EC Podcast ep 11 Tammy Peterson

EP11 | The Crucifix & the Rosary: A Journey of Illness & Grace — Tammy Peterson

Dr. Tod Worner

November 28, 2023

Tod Worner and Tammy Peterson explore her harrowing journey from the consuming darkness of cancer to the blinding light of Christ.

mom and child working at table together

Homeschooling Community in the Word on Fire Institute

Word on Fire

November 27, 2023

This community will be an excellent place to learn more about Catholic homeschooling and talk to others actively doing it.

WOF 414: What Makes a University Catholic?

Brandon Vogt

November 27, 2023

This is a talk Bishop Barron recently gave at the University of Notre Dame titled “What Makes a University Catholic?”

Jesus holding one hand up

Stevenson and Burns on Kingship and Brotherhood

Andrew Tolkmith

November 24, 2023

Christ promises the good life, happiness, royalty, kingship, and a brotherhood thicker than blood to those who imitate him.

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