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AUGUST 2-4, 2024

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Dignitas Infinita

Bishop Robert Barron

April 12, 2024

Friends, the Church published Dignitas Infinita, a document that emphasizes and highlights human dignity.

Malta Camp USA boating scene

What Can I Do? Mary Delaney and Malta Camp USA

Mark Bradford

April 12, 2024

Mark joined Malta Camp USA Director Mary Delaney to discuss the nonprofit summer camp for young adults with intellectual disabilities.

Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson

Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson on Dogma

Dr. Christopher Kaczor

April 11, 2024

Rather than understand the meaning of “dogma,” Sam Harris gives his own idiosyncratic meanings, then criticizes figments of his imagination.

Writing in a book

Katy Carl on Contemporary Catholic Fiction: Part II

Alex Taylor

April 10, 2024

We continue our discussion with Katy Carl on “Fragile Objects,” her approach to contemporary fiction, and her vocation as a Catholic writer.


What Happens After We Die?

Bishop Robert Barron

April 10, 2024

Friends, this week, on the Third Sunday of Easter, we have a passage from that magnificent twenty-fourth chapter of Luke—one of the appearances of the risen Christ to the Apostles.

person reading in front of a shelf of books

Katy Carl on Contemporary Catholic Fiction: Part I

Alex Taylor

April 9, 2024

Author Katy Carl discusses her new short-story collection, “Fragile Objects,” and the nature and importance of contemporary Catholic fiction.

The Monuments Men in castle in Germany

Is Art Worth Dying For? The Story of the Monuments Men 

Madeleine Dobrowski

April 8, 2024

If you want to master a culture, you must deconstruct its values. If you want to deconstruct its values, you must control its art. 

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