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The Dark Side of the Rainbow

Dr. Matthew Petrusek

June 8, 2023

Embracing the rainbow means embracing its shadow. Assessing Pride ideology reveals it as either dictatorially arbitrary or fiendishly depraved.

Pride parade scene
impatiently looking at watch

On Being Impatient

Dr. Tod Worner

June 7, 2023

We are too impatient. Maybe in unforced quiet, the unmarked hours, the unencumbered contemplation, we’ll arrive at good sense and clarity. 

Allegory of the Holy Eucharist

Food for the Hungry Heart

Bishop Robert Barron

June 7, 2023

On this Feast of Corpus Christi, let’s look at the story’s earliest version in Mark’s Gospel because every part of it is worthy of meditation.

Lessons from Tolkien’s “Leaf by Niggle”

Thomas J. Salerno

June 6, 2023

“Leaf by Niggle” teaches that when we anchor our talents by the chain of goodness, truth, and beauty, God will redeem and transform them.

3 Ways to Confront the Culture of Contempt

John Allen, Jr.

June 5, 2023

This piece is an excerpt of pp. 274-277 from the book “Catholics and Contempt” (Word on Fire Publishing) by John Allen Jr.

Catholics and Contempt

WOF 389: Catholics and the Culture of Contempt

Brandon Vogt

June 5, 2023

What fuels and how can Catholics resist the “culture of contempt,” so prevalent online? We discuss John Allen, Jr.’s “Catholics and Contempt.”

Diaconate ordination

Table Service is Life Giving

Bishop Robert Barron

June 2, 2023

Bishop Barron celebrated a diaconate ordination in Winona. They will now give witness of Christ’s love through works of charity and service.

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