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AUGUST 2-4, 2024

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Calling Evil Sacred

Dr. Richard Clements

February 21, 2024

Some today call evil good (or even sacred) and good evil. We must work to eradicate the evil, the darkness, the bitterness that is abortion.

Pro-abortion sign in the street
The Sacrifice of Isaac

When Your Faith Is Put to the Test

Bishop Robert Barron

February 21, 2024

Friends, if you don’t experience “fear and trembling” having read this text, you have not been paying attention.

a man very pensive at his computer

Converting Conservatives: The Importance of Moral Consistency

Dr. Richard DeClue

February 20, 2024

We must avoid becoming “cafeteria Catholics.” Consistency on moral teaching is important for potential converts as well as for ourselves.

EC Podcast 17

EP17 | How 1923 Made Adolf Hitler — Mark Jones

Dr. Tod Worner

February 20, 2024

Join Tod Worner and Professor Mark Jones as they discuss the rarely considered origins of Adolf Hitler in his book, “1923.”

solitary time in silence

Silence and the Stirrings of the Soul

Dr. Tod Worner

February 19, 2024

Silence is a vast space of interiority, the landscape of the soul. It allows us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.

distressed girl with her hands on her head

WOF 425: Understanding the Mental Health Crisis

Brandon Vogt

February 19, 2024

What’s behind the mental health crisis, and how can the Church help? That’s what Brandon Vogt and I discuss on today’s episode.

Fr. Ignacio

Building a Spanish Community: A Chat with Fr. Ignacio

Caroline Foreman

February 16, 2024

Fr. Ignacio Amorós Rodríguez-Fraile discusses his new position at the Word on Fire Institute and his first course in the new Spanish community.

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