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WOF 076: Caesar, the Dude, and a Serious Man

Joel and Ethan Coen, more famously known as the Coen brothers, are arguably the greatest filmmakers of our time. In this follow-up episode on the Coen brothers, Bishop Barron illuminates the Biblical motifs present in three of the Coen brothers’ most unique films. The listener question asks about the nature of God.

Topics Discussed

  • 0:17  – Introduction, catching up with Bishop Barron.
  • 1:38 – What makes the Coen Brothers so unique?
  • 3:45 –  What are the spiritual themes in A Serious Man? (spoiler alert)
  • 12:00 -What are the spiritual themes in The Big Lebowski? (spoiler alert)
  • 22:55 -What are the spiritual themes in Hail, Caesar!? (spoiler alert)
  • 25:15 – Question from listener: What is God?

Bonus Resources

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