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Bishop Barron’s Q&A Session for FOCUS SEEK Conference 2021

Bishop Robert Barron

February 11, 2021


Friends, at this year’s SEEK 2021 conference hosted by FOCUS, seminarians and young people discerning potential religious or consecrated life asked a range of questions about calling and vocations, including:

– Did Bishop Barron ever consider religious life?
– How should we use philosophy to approach and interact with theology?
– What should we do about a “dark night of the soul” when it comes to discernment?
– How should one discern between dating versus pursuing a religious vocation?
– What should women in particular look for when discerning a religious order?
– How should one sift through fears and anxieties during discernment?
– What is something that Bishop Barron learned as a priest, that he wish he had known as a seminarian?

Watch my full FOCUS conference address, “The Identity of Jesus,” here: