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WOF 443: How Should We Understand Miracles?

Over 83 percent of Americans still believe in miracles, but what, specifically, are miracles? What are the grounds for believing in them, especially for non-eye witnesses? In the Catholic context, who has the authority to deem an event miraculous? Should Catholics incorporate devotions to Church-approved supernatural events like apparitions of the Virgin Mary and post-Ascension appearances of Jesus Christ into their faith life? We discuss the Catholic understanding of miracles and how the miraculous fits with a comprehensive evangelical vision of the life of the Church.

A listener asks if it was a sin when those healed by Jesus in the Bible told others of their miraculous healing, though Jesus had told them not to tell.

00:00 | Intro
01: 20 | Update on Winona-Rochester’s new pastoral center
03: 10 | Distinguishing miracles from improbable or impossible events
06:15 | Conditions necessary for the miraculous
10:58 | The relationship between nature and grace
14:10 | How miracles are confirmed
16:44 | Science and miracles
20:09 | Miracles and the Bible
23:19 | If God’s revelation is complete, why do miracles continue?
25:50 | The Vatican’s recent document on apparitions
27:14 | Addressing skepticism of the miraculous
31:05 | Listener question
32:54 | Join the Word on Fire Institute

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