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WOF 093: Bishop Barron at Facebook

September 18, 2017

Today (September 18), Bishop Barron will be speaking to Facebook employees at their headquarters in Menlo Park, CA, on “How to Have a Religious Argument.” (The talk will be livestreamed on Bishop Barron’s Facebook page from 6:00pm-7:00pm ET.)

Every day, millions of people argue about religion on social media. The comboxes of religious and atheist sites are among the most visited and the most heated in the virtual space. But what Bishop Robert Barron finds interesting is how few people really know how to have a good religious argument. There is a lot of energy, lots of sharp words, and lots of strong feelings expressed. But rarely do we come across productive, rational argument about religion. Bishop Barron paves a way forward, showing how we all, believer and nonbeliever alike, can share better religious discussions.

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UPDATE: Watch Bishop Barron’s full talk here:

Topics Discussed

  • 0:05 – Introduction about the talk
  • 1:15 – Bill Maher as an example of how NOT to have a religious argument
  • 2:40 – How is learning to trust a person an example of coming to faith?
  • 6:30 – What is the number one block to having a good religious argument?
  • 9:58 – What is voluntarism, and how does it block good religious argument?
  • 16:15 – How does understanding your opponent’s position helpful in having a religious argument? How is Thomas Aquinas an expert in this?
  • 23:50 – What is the significance of Bishop Barron speaking at Facebook?
  • 26:00 – Question from listener: How can the Catholic Church claim the fullness of truth when other religions claim the same?

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