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WOF 293: Helping Loved Ones Return to the Church

Today we share an interview about Brandon Vogt’s new book Return: How to Draw Your Child Back to the Church, recently published by Word on Fire. The book is full of concrete advice and practical strategies to help draw any loved one back to the Church.

Return includes one of the best summations of why people dismiss the Church’s faith. He doesn’t cast aspersions or blame, and he avoids the scapegoating that marks some approaches to this problem.

Instead, he focuses on the solution, using a positive emphasis on what parents can say and do to respond to their child’s objections, rebuild relationships, and ultimately draw them back to the Church.

Return offers no magic-bullet guarantee that your loved one will come back. But you will find a complete game plan to create the best possible environment to reintroduce them to Christ and his Church. Learn more at

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