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WOF 001: Pope Francis and His Four American Heroes

Bishop Barron covered Pope Francis’ recent visit to America for NBC. In this episode, he and Brandon Vogt reflect on four Americans the Pope mentioned in his speech to Congress: Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr., Dorothy Day, and Thomas Merton.

Topics Discussed

  • 0:58 – Pope Francis’ historic visit to America
  • 2:05 – What is Martin Luther King, Jr.’s legacy today?
  • 4:49 – The importance of King’s non-violence
  • 6:23 – The best example of non-violence in the last half-century
  • 8:06 – Why did Pope Francis lift up Abraham Lincoln as a model?
  • 12:09 – Dorothy Day’s “both/and” Catholicism
  • 16:54 – The key to making peace and justice concrete
  • 19:32 – Is it significant that Pope Francis chose fairly flawed figures to lift up?
  • 22:02 – Who was Thomas Merton and how did he influence Bishop Barron?
  • 25:19 – Why Thomas Merton remains important today
  • 28:39 – How Pope Francis pushed Catholic books onto the Amazon bestseller list
  • 28:58 – What was Merton’s best book?
  • 29:40 – How can Merton help evangelize secular people today?
  • 32:37 – Bishop Barron’s recommended books on each of the four heroes

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