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Introducing the Word on Fire Liturgy of the Hours

April 6, 2022


Friends, the Liturgy of the Hours is the Church’s official prayer. It is the highest and most important form of prayer outside of the Mass.

Praying the Psalms in unison with Christians throughout the world at set hours of the day is one of the most ancient traditions of Christianity. These are the prayers of Christ, the prayers of the Church.

So, why don’t more people pray this way? The books typically used to pray the Liturgy of the Hours can be difficult to navigate. Also, it is challenging to pray on your phone because it presents so many distractions, making it difficult to enter into the sacredness of prayer.

It’s time for a new solution, one that’s beautiful, easy, accessible, and affordable. It’s time to help a new generation of Catholics to pray the Liturgy of the Hours individually, as a family, and as a parish community. I am excited to share with you a transformative new way for Christians to start praying the Liturgy of the Hours called “Word on Fire Liturgy of the Hours.”

“Word on Fire Liturgy of the Hours” is a monthly subscription booklet. Subscribe at and my team will send you your booklet(s) before each month begins. Then, simply open and pray.

We worked hard to remove all the guesswork so that you can pray in tune with the liturgical calendar without thinking about dates or which feasts take priority over others. You’ll find complete Morning, Evening, and Night Prayer, including simple hymns, Psalm texts, antiphons, canticle texts, readings, the Gospel canticles, intercessions, the Lord’s Prayer, the concluding prayer, and the dismissal.

These simple booklets allow priests to affordably lead their flock in parish-wide Liturgy of the Hours prayer, and parents to introduce their children to the Liturgy of the Hours and incorporate it into their family prayer. If you’ve been looking for a way to transform your daily prayer, family prayer, or parish prayer, I encourage you to give Word on Fire Liturgy of the Hours a try.