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Eschatology, Evangelization, and Education with Robert Mixa

Bishop Robert Barron

August 9, 2022


Matthew Nelson sat down with Robert Mixa to discuss the connection between evangelization, education, and eschatology.

In the interview, they discuss how these three concepts are intricately linked and how they can be used to create a more effective and persuasive witness for the Christian faith—especially in the field of education. When these three concepts are viewed together, they provide a more hope-filled perspective of the future. Evangelization invites people into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ which gives them hope for eternal life. Education teaches us how to live according to God’s will so that we can experience his blessings in this life. And eschatology reminds us to place our trust in God, viewing the challenges of this world in light of eternity.

This interview provides valuable insights into how we can create a more hope-filled future by evangelizing and educating with the end in mind. Learn more about the Word on Fire Institute here.