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Bishop Barron Visits Annapolis – Catholicism and Just War Theory

Bishop Robert Barron

January 28, 2021


Friends, I recently traveled to Annapolis, MD, at the request of the United States Naval Academy to address their sailors on topics of spiritual and pastoral importance. While on my visit, I toured the storied city, exploring its historical and religious legacy and commenting upon relevant theological topics.

In this video, filmed at Annapolis National Cemetery, I outline the criteria the Church uses to avoid crass warmongering and to determine the legitimacy of defensive measures.

Some people wonder: Is there a contradiction between a commitment to military service and a commitment to the Gospel?

Even though we should live with self-sacrifice and Gospel charity at our center, we live in a fallen world characterized by conflict and coercion. Sometimes, then, requisite force must be used to protect the innocent. From this instinct, “just war theory” has emerged in theological and philosophical frameworks.

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