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Bishop Barron

Visits annapolis and the us naval academy



At the end of 2020, Bishop Robert Barron and his Word on Fire team visited Annapolis, MD, at the request of the United States Naval Academy.

Bishop Barron also toured the storied city, exploring its historical and religious legacy and commenting upon relevant theological topics.

These videos will be released the week of 1/25, with one video a day for five days.

Called into the Depths: Bishop Barron's Address to the United States Naval Academy

Bishop Barron  tours Annapolis

4-Part Video Series

Bishop Barron Visits Annapolis – The City’s Catholic History

Bishop Barron Visits Annapolis – Downtown Sights and Scenes

Bishop Barron Visits Annapolis – A Tour of the State House

Bishop Barron Visits Annapolis – Catholicism and Just War Theory