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Worship Leader and Speaker Jackie Francois Angel Coaches Families to Transform Culture

May 21, 2021


The new Pope St. Paul VI Fellow in Marriage and Family Life at the Word on Fire Institute seeks to revitalize marriages and Catholic homes for the good of the world

[Irving, TX] – The Word on Fire Institute, the arm of Bishop Robert Barron’s apostolate focused on educational and evangelistic formation, is pleased to highlight the work and accomplishments of its Fellows. Each staff expert brings unique gifts and a track record of noteworthy service in the fields of theology, apologetics, cultural renewal, and more. In her role at Word on Fire, Jackie Angel offers insight and inspiration, the wisdom of Church teaching, and her own family’s witness to teach and excite others to live out everyday spirituality.

Jackie Angel is the Pope St. Paul VI Fellow in Marriage and Family Life at the Word on Fire Institute. She graduated from California State University, studying religion, psychology, and sociology. She is the coauthor of “Pray, Decide, and Don’t Worry” and “Forever,” and as a recording artist has released two albums, “Divine Comedy” and “Your Kingdom Is Glorious.” Jackie is an experienced speaker for teen and marriage ministries, taking the stage in fifteen different countries for events such as Life Teen, Steubenville Conferences, the National Catholic Youth Conference, World Youth Day 2011, and more. Through her weekly YouTube videos on Ascension Presents, she answers FAQs from young adults about dating, discernment, and Christian living. In her new role at Word on Fire, Angel focuses on forming parents and spouses through videos and courses produced through the Word on Fire Institute. “The family changes the world. If we have holy families, that will transform the world,” she said.

Angel’s title is named for Pope St. Paul VI (1897–1978), an irenic leader known for his leadership of the Second Vatican Council, his writing of seven encyclicals, and his preaching on spirituality and human flourishing. His great work “Humanae Vitae,” which upheld Church teachings on married life and intimacy, inspired a conversion for Angel. “It changed my life,” she said. “Like Pope Paul VI, I want to not only teach what we believe but also why we believe it. When it comes to family life and marital love, the Church’s path is difficult, but it brings so much freedom. Discipleship has a cost, and you do have to carry a cross. If we’re going to be Christians, we have to die to ourselves, but it’s beautiful.”

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