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Accomplished Scholar and Professor Richard DeClue to Lead Academic Initiatives for Bishop Robert Barron

May 21, 2021


The new Cardinal Henri de Lubac Fellow in Theology at the Word on Fire Institute seeks to use his talents for the holistic theological education of others

[Irving, TX] – The Word on Fire Institute, the arm of Bishop Robert Barron’s apostolate focused on educational and evangelistic formation, is pleased to highlight the work and accomplishments of its Fellows. Each staff expert brings unique gifts and a track record of noteworthy service in the fields of theology, apologetics, cultural renewal, and more. In his role at Word on Fire, Dr. Richard DeClue offers an interconnected approach to theology, especially regarding the nature of the Church, for Word on Fire Institute courses and content.

Dr. DeClue is the Cardinal Henri de Lubac Fellow in Theology. He studied genetics, religion, Scripture, and more at Belmont Abbey College, Boston College, and the Catholic University of America, completing his dissertation on the thought of Joseph Ratzinger. His articles have been published in “Communio” and “Nova et Vetera,” and he has given lectures on “Humanae Vitae,” Vatican II, liturgy, ecumenism, and more. In his new role at Word on Fire, DeClue will develop courses and write curriculum, books, and articles on a range of theological topics, while also providing leadership as chair of the Curriculum & Formation Committee. “One of my passions is organizing theological studies to be more integrated so that you see that these ideas are part of a larger whole,” he said.

DeClue’s title is named for Cardinal Henri de Lubac (1896–1991), a French Jesuit priest and theologian. “He tried to bring back treasures from the past that had largely been forgotten,” DeClue said. “He thought a truly Catholic approach looks at the whole tradition.” DeClue wishes to follow in this ideal of integration through his work: “What I appreciate about de Lubac and want to exemplify is his breadth of knowledge. He read so many different Church Fathers and was a scholar of the highest standards, and yet, he drew from his knowledge to express the splendor of the Church—the beauty that she is.”

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