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New Book and Study Series from Bishop Barron: A Masterclass on What Christians Believe

August 25, 2021


Through “The Creed” films and the “Light from Light” book, discover the theological richness and philosophical coherence of historic Catholic faith.

[Irving, TX] – In recent decades, antipathy toward faith and an increase in religious disaffiliation have produced a culture of spiritual illiteracy and unfamiliarity. To meet this crisis, Word on Fire and Bishop Robert Barron have produced two new resources that synthesize two thousand years of Christian teaching and practice. Centering on the foundation of the Church’s conciliar and magisterial teaching, “The Creed” film and study series and the “Light from Light: A Theological Reflection on the Nicene Creed” book will provide clear and compelling explanations about the nature of belief, the mystery of God, the life of the Church, and more.

In “The Creed,” which blends documentary conversations and dynamic talks, viewers are guided into the depths of the hallowed Nicene Creed, a fourth-century statement of faith that has profoundly influenced Christian spirituality, theology, and liturgy in both the East and West.

In “Light from Light,” Bishop Barron invites skeptics and seekers to explore the intellectual profundity of Catholicism, examining and explaining doctrinal and devotional principles for a new generation, especially those who have wandered away.

Both the video series and the new book will help viewers and readers rediscover the great sweep of sacred history, thereby reclaiming the unity, clarity, and conviction of the Christian faith. Both can be purchased at

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