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Tim Nerozzi and Bishop Barron

A Day In The Life: Tim Nerozzi Shadows Bishop Robert Barron

May 18, 2024


Tim Nerozzi of Fox News joined Bishop Barron, founder of Word on Fire, for a day at the Word on Fire Studio and a Confirmation Mass at St. Pius X Catholic Church in Rochester, MN.

Over the course of the day, Bishop Barron and Nerozzi discussed everything from the tradition of the Church—dogmatic, moral, and liturgical—to stand-up comedy. 

Having asked Bishop Barron about the most pressing concern following the downfall of the New Atheist movement of the early 2000s, Nerozzi wrote the following: 

​​With dogmatic atheism in the rearview mirror, Barron’s most pressing concern for the future is the coming generations of children who will grow up with neither religion nor rigorously considered disbelief. Instead, they’ll likely mature in a society lacking contemplation of a transcendent dimension altogether—“the first generation to lose that.”

“If you’ve really lost a sense of God, the importance of God—of religion, of ritual—you’re going to live in this very buffered space of the secular order. And that has never been the case in human history,” the bishop said. “There’s always been the village atheist, but the overwhelming majority of people have seen their happiness as a function of a relationship to a highest good, to a transcendent good.”

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