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WOF 002: What is the Gospel?

Bishop Barron reflects on the basic message of Christianity. Is it merely about justification or our own personal salvation? Or is there much more to it than that?

Topics Discussed

  • 0:35 – Pope Francis and the “kerygma”
  • 1:06 – What is the Gospel?
  • 3:43 – How would the Church Fathers have defined the Gospel?
  • 4:39 – Fitting the story of Jesus into the Great Story of Israel
  • 8:44 –  How does the Church fit into the kerygma?
  • 11:17 – Pope Francis and leading with the kerygma instead of moral commands
  • 13:38 – Practical ways we can share the Gospel with friends and family
  • 15:34 – The necessity of witnessing to the Gospel
  • 15:57 – Who are some models of proclaiming the kerygma?
  • 18:31 – How do imagination and beauty serve as gateways to the Gospel?
  • 21:36 – What is the Augustinian approach and why does it work well?
  • 25:15 – Recommended resources on articulating the Gospel

Bonus Links