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David Dancing Before the Ark: The Liturgical Theology Implicit in 2nd Samuel

Bishop Robert Barron

October 18, 2013


To mark the close the Year of Faith, on October 18 Thomas Aquinas College hosted Rev. Robert Barron, who spoke on the subject “David Dancing Before the Ark: The Liturgical Theology Implicit in 2nd Samuel” as part of the St. Vincent de Paul Lecture and Concert Series.

The rector and president of Mundelein Seminary, University of St. Mary of the Lake, Fr. Barron is best known for his work as the creator and host of Catholicism, a beautiful, award-winning documentary series about the Catholic faith that has appeared on PBS and EWTN. Drawing from the content of his forthcoming book about the liturgy, Fr. Barron cited the solemn protection God extends to the Ark of the Covenant as an example of the importance of proper worship. Throughout the Scriptures, Fr. Barron remarked, God attempts to “Eden-ize” man — that is, return him to harmony with Himself, his fellow man, and nature — by teaching him “right praise,” culminating in the Lamb’s Supper as foretold in the Book of Revelation.

The College preceded the lecture with a reception and dinner in St. Joseph Commons, attended by members of the Board of Governors, faculty, and President’s Council. “It was an honor to have Father Barron with us as we concluded the Year of Faith,” says President Michael F. McLean. “The large number of students, faculty, and guests in attendance responded enthusiastically to his development of the idea of ‘right worship,’ which requires both a festive and properly sacrificial attitude. His emphasis on joy and gratitude as fitting responses to God’s law was especially inspiring, as were the many expressions of appreciation he received from those whose lives his work has touched.”