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Bishop Barron on Mother Alfred and the Need for Women Religious

Bishop Robert Barron

December 8, 2022


Friends, if you’re looking for a feminist hero with remarkable courage, faith, perseverance, and sheer moxie, look no further than Mother Alfred Moes, without whom we would have no Mayo Clinic.

Somehow the last three generations of women have tended to see religious life as unworthy of their consideration. The number of nuns has plummeted since the Second Vatican Council, and most Catholics, when asked about this, would probably say that being a religious sister is just not a viable prospect in our feminist age. Nonsense!

If you know a young woman who would make a good religious—who is marked by smarts, energy, creativity, and get-up-and-go—share with her the story of Mother Alfred Moes. And tell her that she might aspire to that same kind of heroism.

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Photo by Gianna Bonello.