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Friends, our Gospel shows us what Jesus wants his followers to be doing and how they ought to do it. We are a missionary church. We are sent by the Lord to spread his word and do his work. The Gospel is not just something that we are meant to cling to for our own benefit; it is seed that we are meant to give away.

Prayer is not incidental to ministry. It is not decorative. It is the lifeblood of the Church’s efforts. Without it, nothing will succeed; without it, no ministers will come forward. At all times pray, pray, pray.

Poverty and simplicity of life are prerequisites to the effective proclamation of the Gospel. Anthony, Benedict, Chrysostom, Francis and Clare, Dominic, Ignatius, Mother Teresa—across the board, the most effective proclaimers of the Gospel are those who rely on the providence of God and strip themselves of worldliness.

What is the first thing that the minister should do upon entering a city? “Cure the sick there.” Christ is Soter, healer of both body and spirit. The second great task of the Church is to proclaim that “the reign of God is at hand.” The Church is an announcing, proclaiming, evangelizing organism.