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The ONE Thing you Need to Do Before Advent Sunday!

November 27, 2015


With all the joy of Thanksgiving, it’s easy to forget that Advent begins this Sunday! And with that great season upon us, there’s ONE thing you need to do right now:

Sign up for Bishop Barron’s FREE daily Advent reflections.

Once again, Bishop Robert Barron will be offering his reflections each day during Advent. To sign up, just click one of the buttons below or visit


You can also sign up at, and from this Sunday (November 29) through Friday, December 25 (Christmas Day), Bishop Barron will send you a short email each day with an uplifting spiritual reflection.

You’ll also receive exclusive videos, access to free giveaways of Bishop Barron’s DVDs and books, and special discounts on new and exciting resources.

Bishop Barron will be offering these reflections in both English and Spanish so even more people can benefit.

The best part of all? It’s totally FREE!

So sign up now and join over 275,000 people on this journey through Advent.

Either visit by clicking one of the two buttons below: