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The All-New Issue of the Evangelization & Culture Journal!

December 6, 2019




Evangelization & Culture, the Journal of the Word on Fire Institute, is something truly unique. We wanted to establish a smart, beautiful, and practical journal that was reflective of the Word on Fire ethos. But its overall purpose would not be primarily academic, artistic, or pastoral; instead, the purpose of our journal would be to evangelize the culture—and more to it, to train others to become evangelizers of the culture themselves.

If this journal can help with that in a small way, I would be delighted.

We are excited to announce the second issue of the Word on Fire Institute Journal is coming out this month! This issue focuses on matters of economics and Catholic Social Teaching.

The intent of the journal is to provide Word on Fire Institute members with a tangible source of the riches of the Catholic faith as seen through the lens of a refreshed Catholic sensibility. This sensibility believes in leading with beauty, engaging an uncertain culture, and championing an intellectually robust and mystically rich Catholic faith. It is a sensibility modeled and well-articulated by Bishop Robert Barron.

In our culture, we are restless and can feel that we are in the wrong place. It is easy to become homesick. Evangelization & Culture was designed for you. It wants to remind you of home.

In this all-new issue, we feature an exclusive interview with Dr. Arthur Brooks! In case you missed his presentation at the recent Bishop Barron Presents, watch it here: