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New Word on Fire Science Website + Free Posters!

July 20, 2018


Is religion opposed to science? Many people think so. In fact, survey after survey shows its one of the top reasons why people leave Christianity: they think it contradicts science. Among young people, especially, many now believe you must embrace either faith or science, but not both.

Its time to burst that myth. Its time to set the record straight.

Thats why we’re proud to release a new initiative from Word on Fire called

In Catholicism, there is a longstanding tradition of science and religion operating in unison, lifting humanity toward the truth like two wings of a bird.

Did you know that:

  • Science arose when and where it did (in the Christian West) because the presuppositions of Christian theology enabled it to flourish?
  • The Catholic Church has endorsed, and continues to endorse, mainstream science?
  • Many scientific founders were not just ardently religious, but even priests and clerics?

The website pulls together all of Bishop Robert Barron’s resources on science, including articles and video commentaries, alongside short profiles of scientific founders who were deeply religious.

Weve also created FREE Catholic scientist posters to hang in your home, parish, or classroom. (Well mail them to you for free—you just cover the shipping.) These posters feature famous luminaries such as Fr. Georges Lemaître (formulator of the Big Bang theory), Fr. Gregor Mendel (father of modern genetics), and Sr. Mary Kenneth Keller (pioneer of computer science).

Our goal is to have these posters hanging on the walls of every Catholic science classroom in the country, in all middle and high schools, in all religious education spaces, and in all homeschools. No Catholic young person should finish high school believing the myth that faith contradicts science. The heroes featured on these posters will help toward that end, debunking the myth in their very persons.

So just click below to visit the website and claim your free posters!