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WOF 090: Lead with Beauty

August 28, 2017

What is beauty? Is beauty undefinable and entirely relativistic? Or is beauty an objective reality, backed by reason and understanding? How do Catholics define beauty, and how has Catholic Church evangelized through beauty over the centuries? In this episode of the Word On Fire Show, Bishop Barron answers these questions and more about the transcendental nature of beauty. The listener question comes from Argentina and wonders how art might be used in evangelization?

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Topics Discussed

  • 0:05  – Intro, a Cardinal visits and the sun eclipses
  • 4:00 – Why has Bishop Barron considered beauty the privileged route of evangelization?
  • 8:25 – What is beauty?
  • 10:55 – What three things combine to make something beautiful?
  • 15:55 – Why do some people disagree about a masterpiece being beautiful?
  • 19:20 – How can someone be transformed by beauty?
  • 24:14 – What was a profound moment of beauty in Bishop Barron’s life?
  • 25:43 – Question from listener: How can the arts aid in evangelization?

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