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CATHOLICISM: The New Evangelization: Study Program Leader's Kit

August 20, 2014

CNE Leader's Kit:

Resource Details

To order this Leader's Kit from the UK and with a PAL DVD, please visit our Europe Store.

The “CATHOLICISM: The New Evangelization” study program Leader's Kit contain the DVD set, the leader's guide, and a set of 40 “CATHOLICISM: The New Evangelization” prayer cards.

The “CATHOLICISM: The New Evangelization” study programis for adult and mature teen faith formation. It was written by Brandon Vogt, author of “The Church and the New Media”, and well-known Catholic blogger and advocate of the Church’s evangelization efforts via the new media. In addition, Brandon now serves as Content Director at Word on Fire. The study program can be presented in six sessions (90 minutes each).

Details of each lesson can be found below:

Lesson One: Introduction

In this new program, Bishop Barron answers the questions, “What is the New Evangelization?”, “Why is it worthwhile?”, and “How does one do it?” Father explains how the concept of a “new” evangelization began to take shape in the second Vatican Council, and was amplified by the teachings of the popes since then. The Council reinforced that the Church does not have a mission, it IS a mission. Pope John Paul II called for new ardor, new expressions and new methods to reach out to an increasingly secular culture, especially in the West. This calling is not just the responsibility of the Church at large; it is also the responsibility of each individual Catholic who has been baptized into a “missionary vocation.”

Lesson Two: New Ardor

New enthusiasm, new energy and renewal from the Holy Spirit constitute “new ardor.” Today, we need a new passion for the mission of offering friendship with Jesus Christ to others. Bishop Barron takes us behind the scenes at World Youth Day and other energetic examples of new ardor. He reminds us that the Church is a community of love, and we are called to spread Christ’s love universally. The deepest source of Christian ardor is the reality of the resurrection, which fuels us to actively reach out in love to others with this “good news.”

Lesson Three: New Expressions – Part I
Lesson Four: New Expressions – Part II

It’s not an expression of a different truth, but the same truth proclaimed and lived by Christ that we have to express in a different cultural setting.Secularism tries to push God out of the public square and deny his existence. Bishop Barron explains why secularism is on the rise: Confusion about who and what God is; trying to fill human longing for God with the temporal and materials things of this world; and relativism that purports that there is no objective truth.

Lesson Five: New Methods

Bishop Barron calls for “using the means and methods of our time to evangelize.” We gain insight from J.R.R. Tolkien, who wrote fantasy literature, such as “Lord of the Rings,” that has Catholicism at its core; or from Fulton Sheen who won an Emmy for his Catholic preaching on a major, non-religious television network.

In today’s culture, communication is being dominated by the Internet and social media. These trends will only grow stronger, and Bishop Barron encourages us all to use these new methods for the Lord. For example, in his You Tube commentaries, he highlights “seeds of the Word” or signs of Christ in the culture. Finally, “doing little things with great love” is a method that never goes out of style. We all can give testimony to Christ by the goodness of our everyday lives.

 Lesson 6: Faith in Action

The New Evangelization Formation Program also includes a sixth session that guides participants in developing their own action plan for evangelizing, either as individuals or as a Catholic group/parish. This section is based on selected clips from the interviews conducted for the series.

***The DVD is subtitled in English, Spanish, Polish, and Portuguese.***

Technical Specs

PLEASE NOTE: If you live in the USA or Canada, you need to purchase NTSC format. For other countries, click here to see whether you need NTSC or PAL.

The CNE Leader's Kit includes the DVD set, leader's guide, and a packet of 40 prayer cards.