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WOF 012: L.A. Congress Recap

Bishop Barron recounts his time at the annual Los Angeles Religious Education Congress held from February 25-28, 2016. He shares about his talk on 1 and 2 Samuel, having breakfast with philosopher-priest Fr. Robert Spitzer, and the best approaches to evangelization. A listener asks about the nature of sin and whether it’s a privation of the good or something real and substantial.

Topics Discussed

  • 0:17 –What is the L.A. Congress?
  • 3:00 – What’s it like meeting people who have been helped by Word on Fire?
  • 4:52 – Bishop Barron’s talk at the L.A. Congres on 1/2 Samuel
  • 8:18Spotlight and reading the sexual abuse crisis through a Biblical lens
  • 11:33 – Having breakfast with Fr. Robert Spitzer, SJ
  • 15:40 – The Augustinian appeal to “happiness” in evangelization
  • 22:08 – Which evangelization approaches work best?
  • 24:02 – Question from listener: What is the nature of sin?

Bonus Resources