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All Souls’ Day and the Mystery of Immortality

November 2, 2014

Near death experiences, the loss of a loved one, other other out-of-body occurrences point toward the truth that we are meant to be born out of this world into a higher one, even though this transition is often a traumatic one. The reality that our mind wants not just particular truths, but the Truth Itself, indicates our orientation to God. We are our bodies, rooted in this world, but we are more than our bodies. This mysterious capacity within us the Church calls “the soul.” And at the end of our earthly lives, the soul is breathed out, not into non-being, but into the hands of God.

Mass Reading

Reading 1 – Wisdom 3:1-9
Psalm – Psalm 23:1-3a, 3b-4, 5, 6
Reading 2 – Romans 5:5-11
Gospel – John 6:37-40