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Priest, Prophet, King

Take a deep, biblical look at Jesus Christ. In the Old Testament, only priests, prophets, kings were anointed.  Christians call Jesus the Messiah, which means “anointed one.” In Priest, Prophet, King, you’ll discover Jesus as the ultimate priest, prophet, and king foreshadowed throughout the Hebrew Scriptures and fulfilled completely in his very person. 


Using biblical insights and engaging stories, Bishop Barron affirms that we see Jesus most clearly through the lens of the Old Testament.  Through this deeply biblical study, you will better understand Jesus, become more familiar with Scripture, and realize your own priestly, prophetic, and kingly mission, received when you are baptized “into Christ.”

This study can be done individually or in a group. For group study, you can host the program in seven 90-minute sessions.  Each session includes video viewing and small group discussion of the Study Guide questions. There are “Questions for Understanding" based on Bishop Barron’s video presentation, Scripture, and the Catechism of the Catholic Church.  A second set of questions, “Questions for Application," help you reflect on how the material is relevant to your own life and experience.  

Participants read the commentary in the Study Guide and prepare the questions before the small group discussion. This preparation can be accomplished either before or after they view the video, as the commentary in each lesson is very detailed.
The Study Guide was written by Catholic writer and apologist, Carl Olson, under the direction and approval of Bishop Barron.

The Leader’s Kit provides essential resources for group discussion leaders, including the DVD set, Study Guide, facilitator guide, answer key and prayer cards.
Leaders can also register for a free training webinar which teaches the best ways to run an effective Priest, Prophet, King study group.

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Lesson 1: Adoratio

Priests are responsible for bringing people closer to God, usually through sacrifice.  The first priest, Adam, was extremely close to God and walked in easy fellowship with him in the Garden of Eden. A properly integrated self knows I am a creature and meant to worship my creator, God. Right worship leads to harmony, while wrong worship leads to disintegration, as we see in the Fall and in all sin.

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