Bishop Barron’s DVD content has been paired with written materials to be used by parishes or other small groups for faith formation.  All programs are:

  • Designed to be lay-led with Leader’s Kits providing essential resources
  • Multi-dimensional:  Each lesson includes Bishop Barron’s teaching on a DVD, written commentary, and Questions for Understanding and Application in the personal Study Guide. These questions are then discussed in small group, facilitated discussion.
  • Free webinars are provided to introduce you to all the Word on Fire study programs and also to train lay facilitators to plan, promote, and present the studies.  Register for an upcoming webinar here.
  • Core Programs (branded CATHOLICISM) are comprehensive and broad, intended to form the participant in a fundamental area of the Faith, such as Church Teachings or Evangelization
  • Topical Programs are shorter programs with an in-depth focus on one important part of the Faith, such as the Eucharist, sin and virtue, or holiness.
  • Youth Programs are designed for younger audiences, each with a slightly different age target.

Click any of the graphicsEach chart below summarizes the Core, Topical or Youth Programs.  Then you can scroll down and click on any individual program icon to get the full description of that program.


Core Programs



Topical Programs



For Younger Audiences


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