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Bishop Barron Comments on Why Christians Leave Church

by Bishop Robert Barron . November 3, 2016 .

The most recent Pew Study survey indicates that intellectual objections figure prominently when religious drifters are asked why they abandoned their faith. It's time that we teachers, catechists, theologians, apologists, and evangelists do something about it!

3 Lessons for Young Catholics

by Bishop Robert Barron . November 1, 2016 .

Last week, I had the privilege of speaking to around nine thousand middle school and high school students from the Catholic schools of the Los Angeles Archdiocese. Encouraged by their enthusiasm, I invited them to internalize three spiritual truths as they come of age.

Advice to Students New and Old

by Bishop Robert Barron . August 26, 2016 .

Last week Bishop Barron offered some remarks at the matriculation ceremony for Thomas Aquinas College in California. His insights apply to any Catholic student reentering the school year, so he wrote the ideas down here for you to read and share.

Humility, Queen of the Virtues

by Bishop Robert Barron . August 28, 2016 .

This week's readings focus on the importance of humility. Humility is the foundation for the whole of spirituality. In order to truly pursue truth and goodness, it is necessary to let go of the ego and realize that everything we have and are is a gift from God.

Faith and the Reasoning of the Religious Mind

by Bishop Robert Barron . August 7, 2016 .

God cannot be analyzed scientifically the way one would study the things of the world, but God can be approached through religious reasoning, or Faith. Faith is often criticized as unintelligent tomfoolery. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The Catholic tradition reveals that Faith is a rational reaction to God in the religious person. It is the reasoning of the religious mind.

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