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Bishop Barron’s Course on John Henry Newman Starts Next Week!

October 11, 2019


Starting on Monday, October 14, Bishop Barron will be teaching a NEW, special 12-part course on the life and thought of John Henry Newman, who will be canonized Sunday!

In his new course, Bishop Barron will examine Newman’s many theological contributions, which are important in understanding Vatican II and in addressing the challenge of modernity.

You’ll be introduced to Newman by looking at his most significant texts: his autobiography Apologia Pro Vita Sua, the theologically meaningful Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine, the educationally pertinent Idea of a University, and the challenging Essay in Aid of a Grammar of Assent.

To Learn More About the Course and to Watch Bishop Barron’s Pivotal Players Episode of Newman for FREE visit:

In this course by Bishop Barron, you’ll learn all about:

  • Newman’s conversion to Catholicism
  • His influence on twentieth-century theology and in our own day
  • His robust educational vision
  • The importance of studying Church history
  • How we arrive at assent, acknowledging the truth of a proposition