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28 Incredible Comments on Bishop Barron’s Dialogue with Jordan Peterson

May 19, 2021


Bishop Barron and Jordan Peterson sat down for their first conversation in March 2019. In April 2021, they shared another:

The dialogue lasted nearly two hours and ranged over a vast number of topics pertaining to God, religion, suffering, the Bible, literature, psychology, and the spiritual life.

Collectively, the two talks have attracted one million views and 12,000 comments. After the first dialogue, we shared a roundup highlighting “36 Amazing Comments on Bishop Barron’s Interview with Jordan Peterson.”

Today, we share several more comments from the second interview, most from young atheists and non-Catholics who were inspired by what they heard and intrigued to learn more. There are also several comments from individuals who have become Catholic thanks to the work of Peterson and Bishop Barron.

These comments are a sign that the religious sense has not disappeared in our culture but has only become temporarily latent. Even in a time marked by secularism, young people are hungry for serious discussion about religion.