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WOF 407: What’s Next for the Word on Fire Institute?

Bishop Robert Barron and Brandon Vogt

October 9, 2023

Friends, five years ago, we started what has become the largest online community of Catholic evangelists: the Word on Fire Institute.

Where did this come from, what’s the purpose of the Institute, and what’s coming next? That’s what Brandon Vogt and I discuss on today’s episode of “The Word on Fire Show.”

A listener asks, will God still create humans in heaven?

00:00 | Intro
01:17 | Bishop Barron’s USCCB meeting
02:13 | Updates from the Diocese of Winona-Rochester
04:06 | Where did Word on Fire Institute come from?
08:00 | Building an army of Catholic evangelists
09:36 | St. Thérèse of Lisieux and the Word on Fire Institute
11:04 | Introducing Dr. Petrusek, new Senior Director of the Institute
12:52 | What a fully-formed evangelist looks like
14:53 | Why evangelists should be familiar with popular culture
17:36 | Why Catholic evangelists must understand the “nones”
19:31 | The future of the Word on Fire Institute
21:01 | Master’s Degree in Evangelization and Culture w/ University of St. Thomas
22:43 | Listener Question
24:40 | Join the Word on Fire Institute!

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