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WOF 396: Why Parishes Fail to Engage 93% of Parishioners w/ Matthew Warner

We know Church leaders need to be trained well in theology, morality, scripture, liturgy, and pastoral ministry. But if we want them to be able to wield those skills as effective leaders, they must also be great communicators.

After all, sharing the Good News is, at its heart, the task of communicating. Communication is a linchpin skill that unlocks the full potential of all other skills, and church leaders often get very little training in it.

That’s why most parishes fail to engage 93% of parishioners, and it’s why Matthew Warner wrote his excellent new book titled Why They Follow: Lessons in Church Communication from That One Lost Sheep, which was just published by Word on Fire.

Why They Follow

Today, Brandon Vogt sits down with Matthew to discuss the book and the communications tips and strategies he recommends.

The Church needs great communicators. This book will teach you to be one. It belongs on every church leader’s desk.

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