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Bishop Barron Presents Ethan and Maya Hawke — Understanding Flannery

Bishop Robert Barron

September 7, 2023


Friends, Ethan and Maya Hawke joined me for the latest episode of Bishop Barron Presents, and I was delighted to have them as my guests! You may know Ethan Hawke from films such as the Before series, Boyhood, or Dead Poets Society. His daughter Maya Hawke is well known for the BBC adaptation of Little Women, Netflix’s Stranger Things, Asteroid City, and her music.

Ethan and Maya’s most recent project is Wildcat, a film about the great twentieth-century author Flannery O’Connor. The film is directed by Ethan, and Flannery O’Connor is played by Maya.

In our conversation, we discuss their movie, Flannery O’Connor, her short stories, God’s grace, mentorship, Flannery’s love of birds, and so much more.

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