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Bishop Barron on Catholic Relics

by Bishop Robert Barron . October 12, 2017 .

While filming for our “Pivotal Players” series, I had the chance to view the skeletal remains of St. Ambrose, the great fourth-century bishop of Milan. However, when I posted pictures on social media, many people were a bit put off. Why do Catholics venerate dead bodies and relics? Answering this question throws light on some pretty interesting issues in Catholic theology.

Spoiler Alert

Bishop Barron on “Ingrid Goes West”

by Bishop Robert Barron . October 5, 2017 .

Matt Spicer’s dark comedy “Ingrid Goes West” is a telling and penetrating critique of the iPhone culture that has swallowed up so many young people today, and it artfully explores the shadow side of living in virtual reality.

Bishop Barron on Charlottesville and America’s Original Sin

by Bishop Robert Barron . August 25, 2017 .

I vividly remember my first visit to the home of Thomas Jefferson in Charlottesville, Virginia. The splendid Monticello estate with its sordid slave-quarters underground. One could literally see at this great American house the divide, the original sin, that has bedeviled our nation from its inception to the present day.

Bishop Barron on the Sacrament of Marriage

by Bishop Robert Barron . July 13, 2017 .

Recently, I had the great good pleasure of presiding at the wedding of my niece, Bryna and her now husband, Nelson. While we rejoice in their love for each other, the fact that they have now become living symbols of Christ the Bridegroom’s ecstatic love for his Bride, the Church is reason, in the very deepest sense, to give thanks.

Bishop Barron on Pope Francis’ Message to Priests

by Bishop Robert Barron . June 29, 2017 .

The theme that I have chosen for a retreat I'm hosting in Dublin is “Pope Francis Speaks to Priests.” I have culled a number of motifs from the Pope’s numerous talks, sermons, and lectures to priests, seminarians, and bishops. Allow me, in the course of this brief article to say just a few words about each one.

Bishop Barron on the Meaning of the Trinity

by Bishop Robert Barron . June 22, 2017 .

On Trinity Sunday we contemplate the mystery of God as a play of persons. The Father gives rise to the Son while the Father and Son give rise to the Holy Spirit. God's unity is never compromised because the three are consubstantial, one in being. To begin to consider this mystery we must consider that love is what God is.

Bishop Barron on Kathy Griffin and the Vanishing of Argument

by Bishop Robert Barron . June 15, 2017 .

By now the whole world has heard about comedian Kathy Griffin’s appalling staged-photo of herself holding a mock-up of the bloody, severed head of Donald Trump. But I would like to situate what Griffin did in a wider context, for it is but a particularly brutal example of what is taking place throughout our society, especially on university campuses, namely, a deterioration of rational argument.

Vista Previa de la Serie “El Rey David”

by Bishop Robert Barron . June 14, 2017 .

David es el rey paradigmático en el Antiguo Testamento. Su realeza recuerda la de Adán en el Jardín del Edén, y sin embargo apunta hacia el Rey por excelencia, Jesucristo. En David el Rey, el Obispo Barron nos ayuda a entender esta figura fundamental a la luz del primer rey y el Rey de reyes.

Bishop Barron on Silence and the Meaning of the Mass

by Bishop Robert Barron . June 8, 2017 .

Robert Cardinal Sarah’s recent book “The Power of Silence: Against the Dictatorship of Noise” centers around the unhappy role that noise has come to play in our culture and more specifically in the Church. As I read the sections of his book dealing with the importance of silence during Mass, I often found myself nodding vigorously.

Bishop Barron on Martin Luther

by Bishop Robert Barron . June 1, 2017 .

With great profit and pleasure I’m currently reading Alec Ryrie’s new book “Protestants: The Faith that Made the Modern World”. Ryrie’s characterization of Martin Luther offers fresh insights on how the great “Solas” of the Reformation can be both celebrated and legitimately criticized.

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