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Why I Hate John Lennon’s “Imagine”

by Bishop Robert Barron . July 29, 2021 .

Friends, the Olympics opening ceremonies in Tokyo featured one of the worst pop songs of all time: John Lennon’s “Imagine.” The lyrics—imagining there is no heaven, no religion, and no God—are an invitation into a very dangerous space.

Bishop Barron Presents Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen: Conversations at the Crossroads

by Bishop Robert Barron . July 27, 2021 .

Friends, it is my pleasure to share the latest “Bishop Barron Presents” discussion featuring author Dr. Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen. In our conversation, we discuss the history of ideas that shaped American culture and her two books: “American Nietzsche” and “The Ideas That Made America: A Brief History.” Stay tuned for future…

Breaking Out of the Prison of Self-Invention

by Bishop Robert Barron . July 8, 2021 .

Friends, we must break free of the prison of our own subjectivity, from which we have little choice but to hurl invective at one another. We have to get beyond the valorization of our own feelings and ideas and enter into a journey of exploration together. But this requires that…

Pro-abortion Politicians: Can We Actually Dialogue?

by Bishop Robert Barron . July 1, 2021 .

Friends, I want to challenge pro-abortion Catholic politicians to take a small step toward authentic dialogue with the Church on this critical matter. If there is no quest for common ground, what are we dialoguing about? Read my article in the New York Post:…

Go Back to Mass

by Bishop Robert Barron . June 3, 2021 .

Friends, the Eucharist is the source and summit of the Christian life. There is nothing more important. Therefore, I want to encourage everyone—for whomever it’s possible and safe to do so—to go back to Mass.

Sanctifying the World: Bishop Barron’s University of St. Thomas Homily

by Bishop Robert Barron . May 27, 2021 .

Friends, join me in praying for the graduates of the University of St. Thomas in Houston, where I had the great privilege of preaching at their baccalaureate Mass. We must remember that the primary purpose of a Catholic university is evangelization, the proclamation of the lordship of Jesus Christ. Therefore,…

Stretching Out to Great Things: Bishop Barron’s University of St. Thomas Address

by Bishop Robert Barron . May 20, 2021 .

Friends, this past weekend, I was honored to deliver the commencement address to the graduating class at the University of St. Thomas in Houston. The entire point of a Catholic intellectual formation is to produce great souls. A great soul doesn’t invent her own values; rather, she intuits the marvelous intellectual, moral,…

Bishop Barron Visits The University of St. Thomas — Highlights and Preview

by Bishop Robert Barron . May 14, 2021 .

Friends, I had the great pleasure of joining this year’s graduates of the University of St. Thomas in Houston for Commencement and their Baccalaureate Mass. Pray that truth, goodness, and beauty would sing to their souls as they pursue their future careers and callings.

Bishop Barron on Should Suffering Shake Our Faith?

by Bishop Robert Barron . April 22, 2021 .

Friends, a new survey from Premier Christian News found that 67% of people who call themselves religious have had their faith in God shaken due to the events of the COVID crisis. However, suffering should never negate the existence of God. When times are difficult, we should follow the examples…

Catholics, Media Mobs, and the Culture of Contempt (2021 LA Religious Education Congress)

by Bishop Robert Barron . March 25, 2021 .

Friends, as algorithms promote aggression, we find ourselves surrounded by a culture of contempt within social media. I want to address the toxic, poisonous quality attached to much of the dialogue found online by answering these main questions: What is this culture of contempt? Where does it come from? What…

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