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Friends, today’s Gospel challenges us to act on the Good News. On what precisely is the whole of your life built?

Your heart or soul is the center of you, the place where you are most authentically and deeply yourself. That is your point of contact with God. There you will find the energy that undergirds and informs all the other areas of your life: physical, psychological, emotional, relational, and spiritual. If you are rooted in God at the level of your heart and soul, then you will be following the intentions and commands of God, and you can withstand anything.

But this does not mean that if we follow God’s commands, the winds and floods will not come. In Jesus’ parable, both builders—the one who follows the commands of God and the one who doesn’t—experience the rain and the floods that symbolize all the trials and temptations and difficulties at the surface of your life. If at the very center of your life you are linked to God, the storms and floods will come, but they will not destroy you.