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Friends, today we celebrate the memorial of St. Scholastica.

St. Gregory the Great tells a charming story about Benedict and his twin sister, Scholastica, a woman deeply devoted to God. As was her annual custom, Scholastica came to visit her brother in a small building just outside the monastery.

The two of them engaged in intense theological conversation long into the night. When Benedict announced that it was time for him to go, Scholastica begged him to stay. When he continued to insist that he return to the main house, his sister bowed her head in prayer. Immediately, a terrific storm blew up, which prevented Benedict from leaving.

“God Almighty forgive you, sister!” Benedict said. “What have you done?’

“I asked you to stay,” she said, “and you would not hear me. So I prayed to God and he heard me.” 

Smiling knowingly at Scholastica, he remained, and the two of them spoke of divine things until dawn.