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Friends, in today’s Gospel, Jesus directs us to be vigilant about his coming again. But his words also warn us to prepare for the day of our coming before him in death. On that day, our world will end. How are we going to deal with that day? 

Most of our interests, pursuits, and entertainments are designed to stave off this question. And this is why so many of the spiritual masters emphasize the importance of forcing ourselves to address this matter. St. Benedict tells his monks to hold their own death before their mind’s eye every day. All forms of prayer are, in one sense, coming face-to-face with eternal things.

Be a person of steady and regular prayer; don’t allow your relationship with the Lord to fall into disrepair. Avail yourself regularly of the sacrament of Reconciliation; bring your sins before Christ and seek his forgiveness. Don’t let grudges and resentments fester; keep your relationships in good repair. Memento mori; following the Christian spiritual tradition, regularly “remember your death.”