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What’s Coming in 2019 in the Word on Fire Institute?

January 7, 2019


Wow! It’s hard to believe the New Year has already arrived!

Most of 2018 consisted of intense planning and preparing for the launch of the Word on Fire Institute (WOFI). Finally, on October 1st, the feast day of St. Thérèse of Lisieux, we launched the Institute with high hopes and—all praise be to God—our expectations were abundantly surpassed!

We began by offering a much-anticipated course on the theology of Hans Urs von Balthasar from Bishop Barron, along with my shorter course on the Eight Principles of Word on Fire, and one from long-time friend of Word on Fire, Fr. Damian Ference. All of the courses were received wonderfully by members, and all of them will remain available for WOFI members in 2019!

We are also thrilled about the activity, discussion, and relationship-building that has taken place among our members in the WOFI Forums. What a diverse community we have, consisting of members from all over the world, and including Catholic clergy, Protestant pastors, catechists, university professors, teachers, physicians, psychologists, students, and many others from many other areas of expertise. Among our members are also converts from atheism, Islam, Buddhism, Sihkism, Mormonism, and many other faith backgrounds. We are so blessed to have such a broad spectrum of men and women contributing their knowledge and experience within our WOFI Community.

Well, we are just getting started! This new year for the WOFI promises more big things. Here are some of our anticipated highlights in 2019:

– A new course on “Reaching the Indifferent” from Dr. Matt Nelson, beginning in January.

– Courses from other WOFI Fellows, including:

  • Dr. Holly Ordway on “Imaginative Apologetics”
  • Dr. Christopher Kaczor on “Myths About the Catholic Church”
  • Dr. Stacy Trasancos on “Science for Evangelists”
  • …and many others!

– Launch of the new WOFI Podcast featuring many of today’s leading influencers in culture and evangelization.

– Our first ever Bishop Barron Presents event with special guests.

– Our first ever WOFI Digital Summit.

– Much, much more!

Let’s grow this community of evangelists—and together with Bishop Barron continue to proclaim Christ to the culture with intellectual confidence and Spirit-led boldness.

To learn more about the new Word on Fire Institute, and to join thousands of evangelists from around the world, visit

In Christ,

Jared Zimmerer

Director of the Word on Fire Institute