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WOF 088: Listener Q&A with Bishop Barron

August 14, 2017

Normally, in each episode we take one listener question. But we’ve received such a large number of outstanding questions from around the globe that we’ve decided to devote another episode to answering a range of questions from listeners like you. Bishop Barron answers several questions, rapid fire, on many different topics.

Topics Discussed

  • 0:24  – Intro: Bishop Barron returns from his CATHOLICISM: The Pivotal Players film trip
  • 2:00 – Should we feel guilty for not giving away all of our possessions and serving the poorest of the poor?
  • 5:10 – If there are aliens, did Jesus appear to them as well?
  • 7:45 – What is the difference between the Ascension and the Assumption?
  • 9:45 – Why do we take both the Bread and the Wine in Communion?
  • 13:20 – When does venting turn into gossip, and how do we avoid gossiping?
  • 18:45 – Where is Jesus’ body today?
  • 24:25 – What might Jesus say about dealing with a bad breakup?
  • 26:45 – What resources should Catholics read to understand Martin Luther?

Bonus Resources