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WOF 005: Bishop Barron in the Philippines

Bishop Barron shares about the week-long silent retreat he just returned from, and also looks ahead to his visit to the Philippines from January 24-31, 2016 for the International Eucharistic Congress. He and Brandon Vogt explore the three talks he’s slated to give on the New Evangelization, the Eucharist, and the three paths to holiness. Bishop Barron also answers a question about the Catholic imagination.

Topics Discussed

  • 0:30 – What happens during a silent bishops retreat?
  • 3:29 – What is a Eucharistic Congress?
  • 5:51 – Chicago’s 1926 Eucharistic Congress
  • 9:04 – Why is the Faith so strong in the Philippines?
  • 11:29 – Bishop Barron’s three talks at the 2016 International Eucharistic Congress
  • 13:28 – What is the New Evangelization and what’s “new” about it?
  • 15:26 – The Eucharist as meal, sacrifice, and Real Presence
  • 19:50 – Why is belief in the Real Presence of the Eucharist so troubling?
  • 23:11 – Distinguishing between “appearance” and “reality”
  • 27:28 – Question from caller: What is the Catholic imagination?
  • 31:09 – Who are the great purveyors of the Catholic imagination?

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